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atoshealth.com is happy to be at your service, organizing cross-border health services.

atoshealth.com is an innovative health platform founded in Turkey by our experts, MD and communication specialists to offer high quality and quick healthcare services in Turkey for both patients and their relatives abroad. On this platform, pioneer hospitals and healthcare providers specialized in various therapeutic fields are presented; Turkey’s advanced infrastructure and quality of service in field of health are emphasized.

Our healthcare solutions address not only patients crossing national borders in search of affordable and timely health care, but also administrative, operational, clinical, business and technological needs with a focus on how these elements work together to drive change.

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Who is Atos Health

Online Health Care (7/24)
Our team of medical specialists at atoshealth.com provides guidance service for the patients to access appropriate and effective treatments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Patients and their relatives can enroll in our system on www.atoshealth.com and benefit from the information service free of charge.

Our Vision
atoshealth.com’s responsibility is to change and continually improve the way people access to healthcare services in Turkey. Our vision is to be the most trusted medical tourism platform where people can come to learn about various treatment options that our doctors provide through careful studies specifically for the indicated diseases; so that they can have the freedom to choose. As we move towards our goal we will inspire our representatives to be the best they can be and help people be healthy.

Our Mission
Connect the patients with medical partners (physicians, specialists, hospitals). The company is dedicated to provide excellence service care in a customer-focused, service-oriented environment. atoshealth.com seeks to supply the cheapest and best treatment options in other words, we strive to serve and deliver the BEST PATIENT CARE in Turkey. The company provides information on doctors and hospitals, obtaining an evaluation from your medical team, booking an initial consultation, and scheduling your surgery. Our stuff also help with booking flights and accommodations. When you arrive in Turkey, they will be waiting for you at the airport and all necessary transportation will be arranged.